Self-service Deflection Calculator

What's inside?

Easily determine your business’s key metrics for self-service customer support with Cleverly’s free calculator template.


Excel includes templates for calculating:

  • Deflection rate
  • Resolution rate
  • Form drop-off rate
  • Cost savings

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Back in the old days, customer self-service used to mean one thing alone — help center articles. But now, thanks to AI, self-service is a lot more sophisticated. As you type in what you are looking for, the system intelligently surfaces an answer or asks you for more information. So in this new world, how do you measure your self-service performance? How do you know if it is good or not?

That’s why we’ve compiled a nifty, easy-to-use calculator template for key metrics that can tell you how your self-service is doing, regardless of whether you are starting out your journey or are already a pro at it. And they are yours — for free. All we ask for is some information 🙂 Easy. Done.


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