Decathlon improves team efficiency 3x delivering customer happiness during peak season with Cleverly

Decathlon improves team efficiency 3x delivering customer happiness during peak season with Cleverly



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Decathlon is a world leader in sports goods retail. It has expanded to 60 countries with a staff of 87.000 employees and has been present in the Portuguese market since 2000, where it is one of the market leaders. The Portuguese subsidiary sells through its chain of brick-and-mortar stores as well as through its website. The customer service operation has been growing over the years due to the expansion in the number of stores as well as online sales, bringing new challenges and opportunities, especially in the way in which support is provided to these online shoppers.

Decathlon improves team efficiency 3x delivering customer happiness during peak season with Cleverly


Decathlon is also a leader in terms of customer service, with its team going out of their way to help customers get the best online shopping experience. Agents use Freshdesk to reply to incoming customer requests, as well as to proactively reach out if an update about their purchase is in order.

Peak seasons such as the ones around the end-of-year holidays followed by the sales season present a difficult challenge to meet the high customer service standards. 

The volume of customer requests often surges more than 100% making it difficult to keep up with the same team.

The same happened recently amidst the COVID pandemic where stores closed and online shopping surged, resulting in a 6x increase in the number of requests handled by the customer service team. Decathlon had to resort to adding temporary staff for the customer service team during this period.


Decathlon partnered with Cleverly to help its customer service team prepare for peak season. Cleverly’s technology was used to generate a knowledge base of reply templates used by the agents. Cleverly’s intelligent triage also automatically classifies incoming tickets which gives unprecedented visibility into the new and the backlog of requests, helping Decathlon get ahead to prioritize urgent issues for their customers.

  • AI-generated knowledge base of reply templates
  • Automatic categorization of incoming requests for prioritization and visibility on the most frequent types of requests
  • Automatic replies and assisted answers for agents

Some of these issues are automatically handled by Cleverly, the more complex ones are sent to agents along with reply suggestions. Cleverly assists agents with suggested answers and process guides for the different types of requests ensuring consistent and fast answers while keeping the personalization of each individual message to ensure Decathlon’s exceptional customer relationship practices.

Business results

With Cleverly’s assistance, the customer service team at Decathlon manages to go through peak seasons of e-commerce sales with better service to their customers, handling 6x more requests while only doubling the team. Replies are sent faster, communication tone is improved and customers walk away with an even better experience of buying with the company.

The use of reply templates created by the team with Cleverly’s AI assistance was crucial to start a new phase of efficiency, followed by guiding the agents in their work and automating replies, decreasing not only volume handled by agents manually but also the first reply time by 29.4%. Agents feel more confident and efficient, which translates into happier customers.

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Cleverly has been a huge help on our day to day, continuously improving our processes and always available to come up fast with solutions.

Débora Rafael, Country Head Customer Service, Decathlon

Débora Rafael

Country Head Customer Service, Decathlon

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Decathlon improves team efficiency 3x delivering customer happiness during peak season with Cleverly
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