CTT sees 40% self-service deflection rate in a week with Cleverly



  • Merging of over 20 websites resulted in different content hubs and broken customer experience
  • Relying on customer self-assessment to triage requests
  • Increasing number of requests that can be solved with self-service but is being handled by agents


  • Resolving majority cases with accurate self-service content
  • Collecting case-specific information, like order number or invoice number, depending on customer inquiry
  • Customizing customer experience in terms of look, feel, and interaction


  • 39.8% of replies deflection rate
  • 19.6% of tickets solved through self-service




Helpdesk Platform


Time to results

1 week


CTT is the Portuguese postal operator. It was founded in 1520, making it the longest-standing company in continuous activity in Portugal. With over 500 stores all over the country, CTT is a well known brand in Portugal.

The mail activity, which started 500 years ago, remains the biggest part of CTT’s business volume. However, for the last five years, the company has been diversifying its portfolio of products and services. Under the CTT brand, customers can now find e-commerce options, financial services, and more.

CTT is now the biggest retail network in Portugal, with 1700 third-party agents and over 100000 parcels and millions of letters delivered every day, which results in huge volumes of customer support activities on a daily basis.


CTT is in the middle of a huge ongoing transformation and digitalization. While mail remains its main service, it has been steadily declining for the last 20 years, from representing 70 to 80% of the company’s revenue down to 50%.

As part of its overall digital transformation strategy to improve customer service, in February 2020, CTT launched its new website that consolidated 25 websites it previously had for each product or service into a single digital touchpoint for its customers. At that point, it became clear that the website’s self-service content was a pain point. Initially, CTT offered a navigation tree that customers could use to find the piece of content that would help them, but it was cumbersome and provided a poor user experience.

When CTT approached Cleverly, they were looking for a solution that would create the best customer user experience. But being a 500-year old company, they had two factors to consider in any solution: how to use new technologies while maintaining the legacy of IT systems and how to ensure that the new solution protects and aligns with CTT’s brand reputation among its customers.

Within the first week, we achieved our goal for the deflection rate, so we had to rethink our ambitions regarding how fast we should push migration from traditional channels to our digital self-care tool.

nuno matos

Nuno Matos

Head of Digital, Transformation and Innovation, CTT


CTT’s Digital Transformation and Customer Support Teams were already working together to modernize support operations. As part of its 1520 Startup Program, CTT partnered with Cleverly for a self-service solution that would best serve CTT’s customers.

With Cleverly Self-Service, CTT is now able to present accurate content suggestions to its customers’ most common cases by detecting the category of the customer’s question. Cleverly’s solution also collects case-specific information, such as order number or customer account e-mail, based on the topic of the inquiry, so that even if the request isn’t solved through self-service, the ticket created includes all relevant information for the agent to take over.

Finally, Cleverly’s self-service widget is fully customizable in terms of look and feel as well as interaction flow. Being on brand, the widget shows off CTT’s unmistakable and recognizable identity and doesn’t disrupt the users’ experience.

Business results

Just one week after implementing Cleverly Self-Service, CTT saw 19.6% of all online claims being automatically solved through self-service content. Overall, CTT’s deflection rate after one week was 39.8% which translates to the number of customers that went through the self-service flow and did not submit a support request, but also accounts for customers that abandoned the form in the last step.

Given the dramatic success of self-service, the next step of the strategy is to divert customer claims from voice to the digital channel.

In addition to these results, Cleverly also provides insights on knowledge gaps and missing articles that can be added to further improve resolution rates. And by detecting the request topics with Cleverly’s AI-based triage solution, CTT is able to automatically route tickets created through self-service to the specialized team who can solve them.

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