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Bizay — best known in Portugal and Spain as 360imprimir — is an online print shop that provides online design and printing services to enrich their customers’ marketing strategies.

It was established in 2013 in Portugal and currently does business in 21 countries worldwide, including Europe, South America and North America, where its products help support small and medium companies.


As Bizay’s business grew, both within and outside Portugal’s borders, so did its customer base. One of the major company milestones in 2019 was the expansion from 4 to 21 markets. With that increased the need for a more efficient support team with streamlined daily operations, to be able to handle the rise in the number of customer support requests, as well as train new team members as quickly as possible without sacrificing the excellence and customer satisfaction that distinguishes Bizay.

Using macros and templates can significantly shorten the amount of time an agent needs to reply to a customer query, and the Bizay team had an extensive database of templates. However, since these lived in a spreadsheet, the use of macros by agents consisted of copying and pasting the content from a spreadsheet into Salesforce, instead of having them embedded in the reply flow with the click of a button.

While Bizay’s former approach helped shorten the amount of work and increased consistency when compared to having to type all answers from scratch, agents were still spending valuable time  searching for the appropriate template to use in each situation.

Cleverly has helped us maintain consistency in customer support while we dealt with scaling to new markets and the increased need of support in different languages.

Bernardo Marques Head of Operational Excellence, Bizay

Bernardo Marques

Head of Operational Excellence, Bizay


Bizay partnered with Cleverly in November 2019 to optimize its support operations and increase team efficiency. 

Cleverly worked with the Bizay team to review the classification taxonomy, defining the types of requests that are received via the different support channels, using a data-driven approach. Using Cleverly’s technology, necessary machine learning models were trained in different languages in order to automatically triage these requests.

Cleverly’s trained data model was also used to identify knowledge gaps and help Bizay generate a complete knowledge base of reply templates in 6 languages — Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, English and German — and complement Bizay’s existing macros and reply database.

Cleverly additionally assists agents through its recommendation model that suggests answers for the different types of requests directly on Salesforce, ensuring faster, more consistent and cohesive answers across the whole team.

Business results

With Cleverly’s suggested responses on Salesforce, Bizay’s agents became more efficient since they no longer need to keep switching back and forth between work tools as they did before. Additionally, this leaves them with more free time to handle those complex cases that require a more personalized reply.

Cleverly’s solution also reduced hiring needs at Bizay. By decreasing the average handle time per ticket, the same-sized team is able to reply to a higher number of requests.

Since implementing Cleverly’s recommendation model, Bizay has tripled the amount of macros used, which ensures consistent replies to customers in 6 supported  languages  and maintains agent efficiency over time.

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