Keep your workload organized with triage intelligence

Automatically tag incoming requests with the aid of an
industry-leading taxonomy to keep your workload organized

customer service triage

Enable team productivity and customer satisfaction with customer service triage that instantly routes and prioritizes revenue drivers. Give your agents the peace of mind they need, making sure they are working on top-priority requests.

Organize agents' workload and manage your support queues effectively

After labeling your customers’ incoming requests, Triage allows you to prioritize, filter, and route them to the right person or team according to predefined conditions.

The automatic labeling process using neural networks and the latest AI capabilities leaves no room for mistakes and helps you organize your work, including escalations to other teams.

customer service triage
customer service triage

Accurate statistics and insights with no manual work required

Cleverly’s customer service Triage offers an automatic analysis of your request distribution so that you can better plan your operations and collaborate with other departments wherever needed. Identify improvement opportunities in your support operations and justify changes with insights from your support data.

Cleverly Triage Highlights

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Tailored taxonomy based on data

Setting up case categorization and finding the right balance between being specific enough with an easy-to-learn system for your agents is an art. Triage combines a data-driven approach with our industry-leading knowledge to define a fitting taxonomy for your business.

Managers, especially new ones, shouldn’t do guesswork when it comes to setting up the base of your categorization system.

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Actionable case categorization

By following a data-driven approach with the focus of defining a taxonomy that you can act on, we make sure case classification is actionable. Business rules such as routing cases to teams, escalations, closing tickets automatically, or filtering out spam can be easily achieved.

Customer service triage allows you to free up your team to work on value-added tasks while improving response times and without risking your SLA targets.

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A trained model adapted to you

We use your taxonomy as a base and train our models with your business’s historical data. We periodically synchronize case data as well, to keep training and improving our classification models.

This training process is done by Cleverly and doesn’t require any effort from your side. In less than a week you go live, benefiting from AI, without spending 6 months training a platform that will only be as good as you are.

Perfumes & Companhia business case

Perfumes & Companhia doubles its customer service productivity and reduces manual work by 75% with Cleverly


Cleverly Triage: organizing work with real-time, actionable classification that scales.