Improve agent
produtivity by 30%

Empower your team with contextual information
and replies that will help them reach their potential

customer service agent assist

AI-powered Human Augmentation is the key for agents to get the information they need at all times to handle each customer request. Agents feel more confident in the answers they provide, especially while working remotely.

Ensure consistent request handling across support teams

By suggesting the most relevant reply procedures and macros, your customers’ questions are resolved with consistent and accurate replies, no matter who they talk to.

Macros reflect the best possible answer to each customer request category, but they still leave room for agent customization to make sure all answers are personal.

customer service agent assist
customer service agent assist

Remote friendly
onboarding and training

With Cleverly Smart Assist, agents will learn while doing the job, resulting in easier onboarding and faster ramp-up times.

Combined with our Triage intelligence, it is the perfect customer service agent assist solution to turn agents into experts from day one, increasing their motivation.

Cleverly Smart Assist Highlights

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Contextual resolution procedures

Integrate resolution procedures into the help desk you are using and present agents with all the steps they need to follow to handle a customer request while complying with internal business processes.

Our customer service agent assist solution frees your team from having to work with multiple applications opened and search endless folders with outdated information, improving their productivity.

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Accurate reply suggestions

Suggested reply templates help agents answer customers’ requests faster. The Cleverly Smart Assist engine uses the previous history of replies (with a focus on the ones with positive CSAT scores) to suggest the most relevant macros for each case.

Writing the same reply over and over shouldn’t be the way to answer tickets. Let agents focus on adding a personal touch to every interaction instead of searching for information.

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Seamless integration with your help desk

Cleverly Smart Assist integrates seamlessly with your help desk of choice, showing agents both the procedure and reply suggestions and removing the need to look for information elsewhere.

All the benefits of Cleverly are delivered with a one-click integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, and Intercom.

Decathlon business case

Decathlon handles peak season customer service in e-commerce with Cleverly


Cleverly Assist: empowering your team with contextual information and replies.