Deflect 20% of requests with instant resolutions

Enable your customers to solve their questions
with reliable self-service content they can access 24/7

Achieve faster resolution times and increased customer satisfaction by leveraging existing content to deliver instant support. Collect additional information strategically dependant on the customer’s intent to give your team all they need to solve requests faster.

Leverage existing content to deliver instant support available at all times

Making internal FAQs and help center articles easily available to customers helps them find answers to their questions in a way that is consistent with your support team’s best practices.

Give your customers support even when agents are not available, using AI-based technology that suggests the best content available to solve their issue.

Deflect requests for faster resolution and increased customer satisfaction

Automation that delivers on its promise combines an exceptional user experience with operational efficiency, and that is our commitment.

Requests solved via a customer self-service solution won’t add up to your agents’ workload and result in increased customer satisfaction. For the requests that require human intervention, less time spent waiting for a reply means happier customers.

Cleverly Self-Service Highlights

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A fully customizable self-service experience

Automation embedded into your support workflow can have different shapes and forms. Cleverly’s Self-Service widget is customizable both in terms of look and feel as well as the interaction flow. It features different language options, the ability to collect business information, and includes a refinement step to confirm the intent to suggest relevant content.

Your customers should not experience frustration due to algorithms doing guesswork on what to suggest. Strategic automation designed with the user in mind is the answer.

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Integration with your help center

Cleverly integrates seamlessly with your help center to leverage existing content and deflect the requests for which you have content available and don’t need human intervention. We also enable strategic knowledge revamps as our AI flags outdated articles, identifies knowledge gaps, and suggests new articles that might be missing.

Adopt a strategic approach and keep improving your customer self-service content.

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Dynamic forms to gather info on submission

Not all types of requests can be solved using self-service content. Cleverly’s Triage technology is embedded into the Self-Service Widget, so that it can detect your customers’ intent and make sure to collect the relevant information along with each request submission.

Reduce the necessary back and forth to solve each request and speed up resolution times by giving your team members all information they need.

Gametime business case

Gametime implements strategic workflows reducing ticket volume by 15% with Cleverly


Cleverly Self-service: Enabling your customers to solve their questions by themselves with trustworthy self-service content.