Automate repetitive, one-touch resolution tickets

Deliver instant support to your customers with strategic
Customer Service automation based on data-driven insights.

customer service automation

Solve customer service requests with zero-touch from agents by letting Cleverly’s AI platform detect the customer’s intent and enabling automatic replies to selected cases. Reduce your agents' workload and increase CSAT while decreasing costs with customer service automation.

The fastest to deploy
AI-powered Customer Service automation

Cleverly delivers a fully trained platform customized to your business needs in less time than other solutions on the market. Complex model training is taken care of so that you can see the business impact in no time.

Reduce agents’ workload with customer service automation, eliminating repetitive tasks and making your operations more efficient.

customer service automation
customer service automation

Delivering a strategic
automation plan

With Cleverly Automations we help you understand what to automate based on conclusions drawn from both our insights and your business data.

Automate while improving customer satisfaction and develop your automation strategy as you go, based on periodic health-checks that help you increase your overall automation rate over time.

Cleverly Automations Highlights

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Automatic replies

Reduce first reply times by automating replies to your customers’ most common questions with accurate content. Even if an issue needs more than one interaction to get solved, your customers won’t need to wait for a first reply.

Reduce repetitive work and increase agent motivation by allowing your agents to focus on requests where they really make a difference.

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Smart routing and prioritization

In addition to automated replies, you can define Automations to set request priorities, manage SLAs for certain types of tickets, route requests to specific teams or agents, or close spam messages.

Decrease turnover due to agents feeling overwhelmed by high volumes of customer requests, by better organizing their work.

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Deep workflow integration

Automations with Cleverly are strategic and tailored to your business needs. We make it easy to define complex workflows based on custom fields while keeping them compatible with your native help desk.

Adding an AI-layer to your help desk will improve team efficiency by 35% by eliminating manual work.

Gametime business case

Gametime implements strategic workflows reducing ticket volume by 15% with Cleverly


Cleverly Automations: automating repetitive tasks with strategic, data-driven insights.

customer service automation