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Artificial Intelligence Customer Service

How to choose the right AI platform for your support operations

If you work in Customer Service, by now you’ll know that customers have become more demanding than ever and that offering a good experience can be the difference between retaining…

igaming customer service
Customer Service

How to leverage AI for Customer Service in the iGaming industry

The iGaming industry has been growing steadily over the last years, with the global online gambling market being estimated to be valued at more than 92.9 billion dollars by 2023. …

customer service efficiency
Customer Service

Measuring customer service efficiency: an interview with EatTasty’s Carolina Cadório

Growing up, Carolina Cadório thought she’d become a biologist. She has a degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Animal Behavior. However, when she was out of university, she…

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Artificial Intelligence Customer Service

Building sentiment analysis in Customer Service

To kick off the new year at Cleverly, we decided to set aside one day per month to explore new things. It could be anything from developing internal tools or…


Cleverly partners with iMovo to offer full-scale CX services

At Cleverly, we make customer service organizations more efficient through operational excellence using AI-based solutions to deliver the benefits of automation and human augmentation. Today we announce our most recent…

Customer Service

The Pareto Rule in Customer Service: why 20 topics are taking 80% of your effort

The definition of the Pareto Principle, or Pareto Rule, states that 80% of consequences (or results) come from 20% of causes (or efforts.) The term was coined back in the early 1900s…

Customer Service

Customer support is all about your people: an interview with Wefarm’s Francisco Araújo

Franciso Araújo’s journey in the world of customer service started back in 2014 when he joined Uniplaces, an online marketplace where students can search for and book accommodation. A few years…

Customer Service

Building your network and other strategies to grow as a Customer Service manager

Not long after the end of last year’s holiday peak season, the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Given no time to recover, customer service teams were immediately faced with a challenge, this…

Customer Service

Remote work challenges in Customer Service and how to solve them

Over the last few months, a lot of companies — startups, multinational corporations, and small businesses alike — made the move to remote work. Some will keep doing so for a longer…

Customer Service

Crisis or not, here’s why you should be automating Customer Service

A crisis in customer service can take on many different shapes and forms. For airlines, for example, news of a plane accident might lead to a big number of customers wanting…